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Artistic Vision in a 
Commercial Assignment

Look through a magazine and choose a product that is being advertised, save the tear sheet as if it was a layout from an art director who is giving you an assignment.

The agency has chosen you because of your style and how you might interpret it.


Your challenge is to make it something special, using your own artistic approach, as opposed to that typical looking commercial looking ad that you chose. The choice of product is completely up to you.  

A beverage, a food product, household cleaning product, appliance, or a beauty or personal product, an ad for insurance, travel ... whatever you would dream of being assigned to shoot.

Post Your Assignment Here

Sample Images


An ad I shot for Steinway Pianos. My assignment was to capture the craftsmanship that goes into the making of a Steinway piano.

A double page national ad for Paco Rabanne men's fragrance.


What I would consider a challenging fashion ad because they asked me to shoot five models. Shot for a Bloomingdale's hat collection.

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