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The Farber Studio Tour

The Farber Studio has created a new experience to engage

art & photography lovers with an

on-demand 24/7 Studio Tour.

The most rewarding way to appreciate Robert’s work, for an art collector or any lover of photography, is to personally visit his studio and to hear the stories behind the images. The Tour covers how Robert's career evolved from selling his works on the streets of New York, and evolved into a unique career with parallel growth in fashion and fine art, fueled by the publication of 15 fine art photography books with sales of over a half a million copies.

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Photographers inspired by the Studio Tour are encouraged to explore the

Farber Mentorship Program
(see below).

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Discover how Farber's photographic vision unites with the new luxury tequila, Volcan de mi Tierra, produced by a family-owned hacienda in Jalisco, Mexico, and in partnership with LVMH.

This is Robert's second collaboration with the Gallardo family, the first being his fine art book, Nuestro Mexico, which documented the vibrancy of the land and people of Mexico.

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Robert's involvement with Breast Cancer Research extends back nearly 3 decades, including many philanthropic efforts to raise money for further awareness and research about this disease that has directly affected members of his family and close friends.

The Farber Mentorship Program

ONLY if you are TRULY ready,

here is a unique Mentorship & Coaching Opportunity that is second-to-none.

This is Not a workshop - Not a boot camp - Not a master class.

This is unique educational experience for photographers at all levels -
either as a One-on-One Mentorship, Group Coaching, or in the Interactive Coaching Center.

You will be guided by Farber and his 50-years experience as a creative and marketing pioneer about how to navigate the artistic and financial realms in becoming a successful photographer.

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