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"You are a photographic artist
and your priority is always your vision.
Your camera is now merely a tool to deliver that vision.”

ONLY if you are TRULY ready -

here is a unique Mentorship and Coaching Opportunity

about what they don't teach you in art school.

We encourage the serious photographer considering any of our Mentorship Tiers to take our Questionnaire - this will help us grasp where you’re at creatively,

but will also help YOU find out more about yourself!

This Questionnaire will help give you an understanding of the parameters and goals of what this unique Mentorship and Coaching Center are all about.

You are here because…

Your passion has driven you to achieve

Artistic Recognition

Once you know how to use a camera, the technical aspects become second nature …

you must step beyond technical issues and focus on your passion and your inspiration

Now you are ready to master your photographic style and take your vision and dream to

the highest level!

This is NOT a Workshop - Not a Boot Camp - Not a Master Class.

This is unique educational program for photographers with the goal taking their art and vision to new heights.

You will be guided by Farber and his 50 years of experience as a creative and marketing pioneer about how to navigate the artistic and financial realms in becoming a successful photographer.

He has influenced generations of photographers through his photo art books - having sold over half a million copies - fine art exhibitions, lectures, interviews, and award winning advertising campaigns, all in the genres of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Explore th Mentorship Options

Explore the Coaching Options:

Spend a loose hour with Robert to discuss your work and your career goals, and learn how to take the next steps creatively and financially in your career.

This is an excellent choice for jump-starting areas where you feel stuck, in need of immediate advice on re-igniting your inspiration, and a keen eye to see what you are overlooking creatively and in your business approach. 

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Pricing Guide

Emphasis will be based on your direction, either as a profession or a passion, applicable to all genres.

This is a full-spectrum and customized coaching program with assignments to elevate your style and help you intelligently improve your business strategy.

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Pricing Guide

The Group Coaching module allows each photographer a private session with Robert to assess their strengths and weaknesses as a photographer, and the best practices to move forward.

The emphasis of Group Coaching is the critiques and exchanges between the students to asses each other's work at a high level. Farber directs the discussions and guides each photographer, which allows students to learn from one another simultaneously.

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Pricing Guide

4 Biggest Mistakes

Important Free Lessons from Robert


that Photographers Make

Establish You Signature Style and Maintain it Across Genres and Assignments

The Mentorship Program is founded upon how to build your unique vision and stick to it, ESPECIALLY when you're hired for commercial assignments.

Be Ahead of the Curve, Not just

Creatively but also Business-wise

This doesn't mean following trends, it means experimenting with new ways of getting your art in front of the right people to advance your financial prospects, your creative opportunities, and seeing growth potential in overlooked places.

Technical Aspects Must Become Second-Nature for Real Creativity to Blossom

Moving beyond technical camera work is an essential step towards expressing your vision. When you've moved beyond this stage as a photographer you'll begin to produce images that come from deep within you.

Prioritize Creating Marketing Partnerships

You need to start NOW in creating win-win partnerships with outside sources. This could be with galleries, charities, photography equipment companies, and companies, anyone who you can build a long-term professional relationship with.

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