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Couse Curriculum

Course Curriculum


1. Introduction a. Who this Course is For b. How to Create Your Own Curriculm - Coming Soon c. A Message to the Non-Professional


2. Passion & Staying Inspired a. How I Developed My Passion for Photography - The Early Years b. Staying Inspired & Sources of Inspiration c. One Essential Tool to Stay Inspired

3. Sources of Inspiration a. Motion Pictures that Inspire Me - Coming Soon b. Painters and Other Photographers - Coming Soon


4. Mastering Your Own Style a. Artistic Vision as a Priority b. Creating Your Own “Mood” - Coming Soon

5. Parallel Growth in Fine Art & Commercial a. Keeping My Commercial & Fine Art Work Indistinguishable b. Shooting it Your Way - Coming Soon c. Stay a Fine Art Photographer and Shoot Commercially - Coming Soon

6. Technical Aspects of My Style a. Practical Camera Techniques That I Use b. Composition


7. How I Use Lighting a. My Style Preferences - Coming Soon b. Natural Light & Simple Household Lamps - Coming Soon c. Studio Light & the Old Hollywood Movie Lighting (Film Noir Style) - Coming Soon


8. Staying Ahead of the Curve a. Business-Wise b. Marketing - Coming Soon c. Promotion - Coming Soon

9. Thinking Outside the Box a. Thinking Outside the Box Creatively - Coming Soon b. Thinking Outside the Box with Marketing & Promotion - Coming Soon


10. The Unlimited World of Publishing a. Books b. Posters c. Copyright

11. OPEN YOUR EYES: There's Multiple Revenue Sources a. Licensing b. Tips for Shooting for Stock Aencies c. Video Art - Coming Soon d. Corporate Sponsorship - Coming Soon e. Lectures and Teaching - Coming Soon

12. Working with Galleries & Museums a. How to Approach a Gallery - Coming Soon b. How to Build Relationships with Brick and Mortar Galleries c. Creating Limited Editions - Coming Soon d. Pricing - Coming Soon e. Commissions, Percentages & Dividing Expenses


13. Selling Your Fine Art Work Online a. Artsy & 1stDibs - Coming Soon b. Your Website - Coming Soon


14. Fine Art Editions Inventory Control - Finding the Solution a. Artwork Archives - Coming Soon

15. Let's Discuss Framing - 20 Unique Examples a. Let’s Discuss Framing


16. Working in Motion Pictures

17. An Effective Website a. - Coming Soon

18. Emailings


19. Working with Advertising Agencies & Magazines


20. Working with Models a. Fashion & Beauty - Coming Soon b. Nudes - Coming Soon c. Making the Model and YOURSELF Comfortable - Coming Soon

21. Assisting a. The Perfect Assistant -What I Look For - Coming Soon b. Benefits of Assisting - Coming Soon c. Interning - Coming Soon


22. The Art of Printing a. Pigment Printers - Coming Soon b. Papers and Media - Coming Soon c. Printing on Metal - Coming Soon d. Interview with Art Paper Guru - Michael Ginsburg, Co-Founder of Legion/Moab Paper - Coming Soon

23. The Tools to Deliver Your Vision: Cameras, Lenses & Filters a. The Camera - Coming Soon b. The Lenses - Coming Soon c. The Filters - Coming Soon

24. Digital Tools a. Your Computer - Coming Soon b. Software - Coming Soon c. Apps - Coming Soon d. Scanners - Coming Soon


25. Creating Marketing Partnerships a. Partnership Example #1: Volcan / LVMH b. Partnership Example #2: Moab Paper - Coming Soon c. Partnership Example #3: Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Coming Soon


26. Publishing at Doubleday with Jacqueline Kennedy Onnassis

27. Interview with an Art Dealer - Gene Seidman


28. Interview with a Literary Agent

29. The Slideshow

30. A Journey Through Prints a. 20 Unique Examples

We encourage the serious photographer considering any of our Mentorship Tiers to take our Questionnaire - this will help us grasp where you’re at creatively, but will also help YOU find out more about yourself!

This Questionnaire will help give you an understanding of the parameters and goals of what this unique Mentorship and Coaching Center are all about.

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