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Mentored and Coached
One-on-One with Robert Farber!

The One-on-One is for serious photographers -
whether you are a professional or very passionate about your ART -
and are driven to take it to the highest level!

Robert Farber

"I'm here to help you personally jumpstart your photographic ambitions, both financially and creatively."


Robert has influenced generations of photographers. His lectures and teachings have been held in high-regard from the Smithsonian Institute, The George Eastman House, as well as Universities and professional groups throughout the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe.

He is recognized globally with his distinctive style and unique career path in both fine art and fashion. Over the years he has been approached privately to personally mentor photographers at all levels, as well as being asked by graduate students to be their Master’s Thesis Mentor.

Now, for the first time publicly, he is offering his Mentorship which is based on his distinguished 50 career, to various photo disciplines whether it be: 

- Fine Art
- Fashion & Beauty
- Commercial & Advertising
- Wedding & Portraits

What the One-on-One Mentorship Includes

I. An 8 Week Program

The program consists of four bi-weekly meetings, for a loose hour each one, directly with Robert Farber.

  • ​The meetings are flexible, so they can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.
    • The first meeting will be an orientation where Robert will assess your strengths and weaknesses as a photographer. He will also discuss your individual goals for the program, such as wanting greater recognition for your work, growing stronger financially through your work, finding new ways to publish and spread your work into the world, or ways to stay motivated and inspired.

    • After the orientation, Robert will set goals for you and create assignments and exercises to help you achieve those goals.

    • The following bi-weekly meetings will be based on the results of your critiques and assignments. Every week, new assignments will be crafted, and together with Robert, you will build towards achieving your goals.

    • Each person will build a custom itinerary with Robert based on their stated goals.                                                                                                                                                   

Here is an example itinerary for the mentorship program:​

Session 1​​​ - Orientation

• Setting goals for the program and creating 1st assignments and exercises accordingly.

Session 2 - Marketing Strategy: Crafting Your Brand and Your Core Strengths as an Artist


• Critique of first assignment

• Identifying what makes you unique as a photographic artist and expanding on those strengths

• Discussion about current marketing strategies and what to improve with them

• Assignment created based on your new marketing approach

Session 3 - Tweaking and Expanding Your Marketing Strategy​

• Assessment of the success of the new marketing approach

• Critiques and tweaks made as suggested by Farber, such as looking over the analytics of your marketing campaigns

• Another specific photographic assignment given to help strengthen the new marketing approach

Session 4 - Forming Business Partnerships


• Discussion about how to approach galleries and potential business partnerships

• What works of yours are best suited for what audiences?

• Assignment given about approaching potential partners and the best practices in doing so, with emphasis given on what partners will benefit you with the greatest impact.

If after the 8 week Program you would still like to continue, Robert offers the possibility of an extension of One-on-One Coaching. Here are examples of extension Sessions.

Session 5 - Evaluating the Concrete Results of Your Partnerships 


• Overview of the results of the partnership approaches

• How to create win-win relationships with sponsors

• Making a financial plan for a sponsorship, with dates and financial goals. Accessing the value of a partnership, financial or promotional or both.

Session 6 - 6th Month Growth Plan

• Creating a 6-month growth plan…  by creative thinking both artistically, and promotionally, by staying ahead of the curve!

• This is customized based on the previous weeks mentorship program. Specifically, if you're a professional, who is emphasis may be more financial than creative, or a serious           fine art photographer, who is totally into the creative process with the emphasis on conquering the art world! 

As had been discussed…

• For the professional, the focus is increasing your value, your name recognition and your with continued revenue growth. along with along with your creative drive keeping for your career and the best methods and business practices by thinking out of the box.

• For the fine art photographer, the focus is on creating a body of work that has the potential to be recognized and exhibited in galleries and museums.


II. Bi-Weekly One-on-One Zoom calls

All calls are recorded and retainable by you.

Scheduled with flexibility

III. Developing Your Business Strategy

It can be very difficult to navigate the labyrinthian business worlds of fine art and commercial photography, and that's what makes this Mentorship unique.


Robert's journey into commercial and fine art can be explored in detail on the Farber Studio Tour, which includes a unique career path, never assisting, photographing top models for the world's biggest fashion houses, magazines, and advertising agencies; and being sponsored by major camera and photo manufacturing companies.

Since there are so many ways to get into the business of fine art, the Mentorship will focus you on:
- Increasing your value and worth as a photographer in order to impress potential clients
- Increasing your revenue stream
- Developing your revenue sources to further escalate recognition, and cross-pollinating your focuses so you can develop new revenue sources

IV. Navigating the Fine Art Photography World

It doesn't matter what genre of photography you work in, because it is always possible to elevate your work to a fine art level.


The Farber Mentorship places heavy focus on how to draw the eyes of galleries, museums, collectors, and art dealers, all in order to increase the value attached to each piece. Important factors in this process are:

- Finding Galleries and building relationships with them
- The smartest ways to price and edition your gallery prints
- Proven strategies working with dealers, including online fine art sales

V. Creating Personal Goals: Recognition, Accolades & Self-esteem

Many photographers reach a plateau in their career and wonder, "Where do I go next?" The key is finding innovate ways to re-assess where you want to go, and how to get there. Achieving recognition for you work requires passion and finding new create ways to make yourself relevant both to yourself and to clients and art collectors. Farber has re-imagined his style and working methods many times throughout his career, and will show you how to:

- Prioritize being ahead of the curve, business-wise and creatively
- Thinking outside the box to find new professional opportunities
- Seeing yourself as an artist, and not just a photographer,
to open new conceptual doors with your work

VI. Weekly Assignments to Advance Your Style

This may be the most important element of the Mentorship because you need to be progressing in your style, vision and devotion to taking your work to the next level.

Robert will give you customized photographic assignments, either weekly or bi-weekly, based on your style and working conditions. This will give you the chance to have Farber critique the results with you in order to push you into new directions creatively. In addition, Farber will:
- Critique your existing portfolios
- Give technical advice for specific types of equipment
- Creating a comfort zone with models and subjects
- Give his personal tips on how to stay inspired
- Website design advice tailored to your style

Descripton 1 on 1

We encourage the serious photographer considering any of our Mentorship Tiers to take our Questionnaire - this will help us grasp where you’re at creatively, but will also help YOU find out more about yourself!

This Questionnaire will help give you an understanding of the parameters and goals of what this unique Mentorship and Coaching Center are all about.

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