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Interactive Coaching Center
Subscription Plans 

Free for 10 Days -

Try the Interactive Coaching Center

After 10 days you become a Beta member

and your subscription price does not increase at the full launch.

  • Interactive Coaching Center - Beta

    Every month
    10 Day Free Trial / Beta Founding Member Status After Trial
     10 day free trial
    • Complete Farber Course Videos
    • Sponsor Rewards Unlocked After the Trial
    • Submit Photographic Assignments
    • Inner Circle Forum for Comments & Critiques
    • The Auditorium - Exclusive Monthly Presentations for Members
    • Free Admission to "Cocktails with Critiques / Live Q&A"
    • Cancel Anytime Within the Trial Period
    • More Perks TBA as the Coaching Center Grows


Why do Alpha & Beta plans have a lower monthly price, and are there additional benefits?

The plans purchased in the early Launch Stages (August - December 2023) are our Founding Members who will receive Full Access to all content, perks, rewards, and benefits of the Interactive Coaching Center, in perpetuity. 

The Founding Members are helping us build, customize and structure the entire Coaching Center, and give us important suggestions for how to improve its functionality. We consider them invaluable to shaping the content and feel of the entire experience. For these reasons, we are locking-in their monthly price to $8, so sign-up NOW.

How do I take the Course?

The Course Curriculum is a self-led format and completed on your own time. Likewise, the photographic Assignments are completed on your own time and submitted to the Inner Circle Forum.

Those who complete the full Course Curriculum, submit more than 3 Assignments, and contribute many constructive comments and critiques to other photographers will receive badges that open up new features to the program and make them eligible for special rewards from our sponsors. These features are all currently in development.

How do the Sponsor Rewards work?

All Assignments submitted to the Inner Circle Forum can be critiqued by Farber and his team, as well as any Member of the program, however the most compelling submissions are chosen by the Farber team to receive photographic equipment and discounted subscriptions to services from our sponsors. When these rewards become available they will be announced to all Members.

Will there be new content added over time?

Throughout the Pre-Alpha to Full Launch period we are gradually uploading the complete Course Curriculum of instructional videos. We are expecting to have the entire catalogue of videos (approx. 60 - 70 individual videos) uploaded by the time of Full Launch, with more course videos to follow that are not found in the current Course Curriculum.

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