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Coaching Center Rewards
from our Sponsors and Partners

Our Mission is simple: to inspire and motivate serious photographic artists to reach their goals, both creatively and financially. 


The purpose of our Rewards and Merit Program is to incentivize our Members to stay motivated and reach new heights in their photography. 

We know the importance of a supportive community, and so the core of this Program is to reward you based on stimulating and encouraging participation

in the Interactive Coaching Center.

Thanks to our Partners and Sponsors, The Farber Studio is offering

Special Benefits, Valuable Perks and Rewards on all levels of Membership, starting from your initial Sign-up.

Below is an overview of our Rewards system.
Take a deeper dive into the specifics on this page.

Our Sponsors

Below are the *current* Rewards being offered

(more to be announced at Full Launch). See our Features & Launch Timeline to see what's next in the Coaching Center.


Also, not all Sponsors and Partners have been announced, so stay tuned for new additions to this list by Subscribing to our Guest List.

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B&H Photo 

Exclusive Sign-up offers and deals only available to Farber Studio Members. Earn B&H Gift Cards - $25, $50, $100 and up to $500 - by accumulating Merit Points from participation in the Inner Circle Forum and posting Assignments, all to incentivize you to reach your goals. 


Coming Soon: Members ONLY Special Pricing through VIP links, Exclusive Promo Codes with Custom Quotes

Featuring High-level Rewards from the Printer and Camera division. To be announced.


Moab - The Leader in Fine Art Paper Worldwide

Exclusive Sign-up Rewards, including discounts on museum-quality paper. Redeem your Merit Points for higher-level Rewards such as free sample packs and rolls of paper. Learn More about Sign-up and Higher Level Rewards.

Blazing Editions - Chromaluxe 

Sign-up Rewards on for discounts on fine art printing and framing, and higher level Rewards including: special pricing to create fine art metal prints using the Chromaluxe method of dye-sublimation onto aluminium. Learn more about the process and

see Robert's work on metal.

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Chromaluxe logo.jpg

Verisart - A web3 platform for Blockchain-Verified Certificates of Authenticity

Sign-up Rewards including a free month Membership to their platform. Learn More.


Medium and High-Level Rewards, including camera filters, tripods, and other photographic gear. To be announced.

artwork archive logo.png

Artwork Archive - Art Inventory, Simplified  

Immediate Sign-up Rewards to all Subscribers - a 30% discount to their yearly subscription.

Learn More.

Artful Buzz

Immediate Sign-up and medium-level Rewards for virtual art education webinars, and in-person tours of galleries and museums in and around New York City. Learn More.

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for more Sponsors and Partners to be announced!

A Special Thanks to our Partners


Discover how Farber's photographic vision unites with the new luxury tequila, Volcan de mi Tierra, produced by a family-owned hacienda in Jalisco, Mexico, and in partnership with LVMH.

This is Robert's second collaboration with the Gallardo family, the first being his fine art book, Nuestro Mexico, which documented the vibrancy of the land and people of Mexico.

In Support of


Robert's involvement with Breast Cancer Research extends back nearly 3 decades, including many philanthropic efforts to raise money for further awareness and research about this disease that has directly affected members of his family and close friends.

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