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Interactive Coaching Center
Timeline of New Features
& Programs

We are excited to announce new features and what's ahead in the Interactive Coaching Center. We are frequently updating this Timeline, so stayed tuned and Subscribe for updates if you are not already a Member (Lock-in Alpha Stage Pricing NOW before the Full Launch)

We are curious about what features YOU would like to see in the entire Mentorship Program. If you have a suggestion, let us know! 

November - December 2023

Nov. 1 - First Round of Sponsor Rewards Announced 

✅ Nov. 15 - Second Round of Sponsor Rewards Announced

✅ December 10th - 'A Taste of One-on-One Mentorship' (Single Session) with Exclusive Pricing for Members goes Live

December 20th - Beta Launch

1st Quarter 2024



Sponsored by Volcan de mi Tierra, a new artisanal tequila by LVMH

Learn More about Farber's Partnership with Volcan

On the Last Thursday of every month we will hold recorded Zoom webinars for Members ONLY. This open forum meeting will be to highlight and critique the top photographs posted to the 'Assignment of the Week' throughout the month. Farber and his team will be present in order to answer questions and commenting on specific assignment images. 

February 2024 - Third Round of Sponsor Rewards Announced 

2nd Quarter 2024


Launch of the Mentorship Auditorium

Lectures & Q&A with respected artists and business professionals, such as publishers, gallery directors, art dealers, famous models, etc. 


Also, special presentations will be made possible by our Sponsors and Partners, including B&H, Canon, and Moab.

b&h logo.jpeg
Moab Logo transparent.png

Live for members ONLY, and all presentations will be archived in our Library for Members to access at any time. This is a great educational opportunity for our Members to engage with highly successful individuals about how they stay ahead of the curve. 

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