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Story Behind An Image 
with a Model/Subject

For this assignment, first watch Robert's Course Video "Working with Models" to study how he developed his own personal philosophy and techniques dealing with the many factors that go into a successful shoot with models/subjects.

Now imagine that a collector wants to buy your image and would like more information about how you shot it. Write an interesting story behind the image that includes at least one of the following: (1) a challenge you faced and overcame while shooting a model or subject; (2) interesting facts about the model him/herself; (3) why you chose to shoot in a particular location or setting.

This Assignment is meant to advance your ability to describe your work and the inspirations behind why and how you create your images.

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From Farber Course Videos:

20. Working with Models

(3 Videos)


Sample Assignment by Robert


"This is "Snowbound", from my "Moods" book published in 1980. It was photographed by a frozen waterfall, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, 1979.

I spontaneously had the idea to shoot a model after having seen the frozen waterfall, but I didn't want the model to just be standing in the snow totally nude. So I needed some type of fabric to continue the flow of the snow, and to be sheer enough to capture the subtleties of a bare body. My solution was that I borrowed some sheer curtains from the windows of an old inn that we were staying at that evening.

So it all successfully came together, especially because I had a model who was willing to actually stand there barefoot during the shooting. And yes, I did return the curtains."

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